Summer tankini_ in a festival mood 

I’ve made this takinis for the long summer nights, thinking about the festivals about to happen and all the good vibes and energy we can share. It’s all handmade by me and I think they might do well on some wild beach also. Hope you like them, I’m in love with this pineapple lace!


Happy summer!

Airfield Festival 2015

Location design for Airfield Festival 2015//Sibiu//Romania.

The festival is happening on an airfield and there’s a lot of flying and floating around:)

We tried to keep it simple and relaxed. Mandalas were looking good as seen from above.  Can’t wait for next year’s adventure~!


magic team: ioana, mihaela, zino, margi, ciprian, radu, stefi, irina, tiganu, rares, andrei, dani  & wonder jo & all the great volunteers from Sibiu!