Winter Time is Happy Time!

In Bucharest winter came in quite early, so I closed myself in the studio and started working on some inspirational objects. The first one is the Christmas Tree. All made of recycled wood, forever green and with lovely lights and angels, it’s like a sensitive touch for the holiday season.

Then I remembered I had some indian stones very well kept in a a jewellery box: a very beautiful lapis lazuli, a moonstone and some interesting stone without a name:), so I made pendants out of them; not too much silver wire is used cause I wanna keep the stone important, the wire is just a net holding the energy inside.
And then, because we haven’t seen the Sun here in almost a month, I made myself one happy sunny pillow! It’s a meditation pillow, a lazy sunny Oasis in the grey city:)
Love and light!

Silver love

My first love, silver wire and drops of stone. And a funky donkey:))

Skate Wear

The Skate Wear is a series of jewelry made out of broken skateboards and silver. My friends are wearing them already! Love you people!!!

Bewise Collective Movement!!!

Skate it, Break it, Wear it!


Silver bracelets, made for special people šŸ™‚


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Silver handmade birds, flying at your hand.

As White as Snow

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Silver and moon stone ~ handmade winter work by me and Ovidiu Sbancu

Christmas earrings

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Special handmade earrings for Christmas Eve and days:)

All with silver wire and natural materials.

Precious stones (coral, lapis lazuli, moon stone, sodalit), wood, coloured glass and a lot of good energy!

Chitz chitz

Pentru ziua Inei, am creat impreuna cu Ovidiu o brosa din argint, cu ametist prins in cupru si un soricel funky, pandant.
Ambele sunt lucrate manual si unicat.
La multi ani Ina!

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Festivalul Brazilor de Craciun_SalvaÅ£i Copiii

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ā€œFestivalul Brazilor de Crăciun este un eveniment de strĆ¢ngere de fonduri organizat anual de SalvaÅ£i Copiii RomĆ¢nia, care are ca centru de interes o licitaÅ£ie specială de brăduÅ£i de Crăciun, creaÅ£i exclusiv pentru această ocazie de unii dintre cei mai cunoscuÅ£i designeri. Devenit una dintre atracÅ£iile calendarului social al sezonului, Festivalul Brazilor de Crăciun sprijină proiectele derulate de SalvaÅ£i Copiii RomĆ¢nia.ā€

Impreuna cu Ovidiu Sbancu, am lucrat in atelier bradutul pe care il va prezenta in cadrul Galei designerul Stephan Pelger, dupa designul acestuia, adaptat de noi:)

Bradutul are 20 cm inaltime, este lucrat manual din argint masiv, suflat la final cu aur, iar in loc de steluta, are in varf un diamant. Totul pe o placa de granit, pentru care a trebuit sa umblam ceva timp:)

Speram ca Stephan si bradutul sa stranga multi banutzi pentru copii!

Pentru work~in~progress arunca o privire si aici!


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Silver angels,Ā  handmade for a special winter and for protection.


Lazy cats in the morning sun

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Lazy silver cats

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins brings you joy:) Handmade silver work. Tripping through the sky with birds, moon and fluffy clouds:)

Mersi Vlad Basca pentru poze!

Our silver garden

Pisici din argint, iedera colorata, pasari cantatoare si un pic de muzica pentru urechi fine.

Silver Square Cat

Pisica patrata din argint ~ brosa~

Moon Light

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Piatra lunii prinsa in argint. Pandantiv pentru Romina.