Winter Time is Happy Time!

In Bucharest winter came in quite early, so I closed myself in the studio and started working on some inspirational objects. The first one is the Christmas Tree. All made of recycled wood, forever green and with lovely lights and angels, it’s like a sensitive touch for the holiday season.

Then I remembered I had some indian stones very well kept in a a jewellery box: a very beautiful lapis lazuli, a moonstone and some interesting stone without a name:), so I made pendants out of them; not too much silver wire is used cause I wanna keep the stone important, the wire is just a net holding the energy inside.
And then, because we haven’t seen the Sun here in almost a month, I made myself one happy sunny pillow! It’s a meditation pillow, a lazy sunny Oasis in the grey city:)
Love and light!

Dots and giraffes

girafa girafa-2We started with a small silver giraffe and it seems they are getting bigger and bigger. The last one is a dotted one; she became a star in a commercial. She is tall, funny and very soft:)

Brauri ~ silk Belts

Cingătoare lată de mătase pentru domnite urbane, castelane.

Lucrate manual si cu mult drag de Ioana  Make a Wish si prinse pe panza fotografica de Hria.

Silk belt for urban ladies. Handmade with love by Ioana & pics by Hria:) On my wishlist for any occasion 😀

pop up shop & xmas cat

Our silver cat, with a new funky face, gone for a photo shoot  with Hria. Took some friends along the reindeer and the Xmas tree we did specially for her:) And some pictures from a pop up shop I did before Christmas. I chose a nice place to drink a coffee and just arranged a shop for a couple of hours. Thanks for passing by!

holiday season

As  in every winter I’ve left for a small trip around Romania. This time we found a beautiful place in the north west, near Oradea. It’s a nice small project, the traditional house, a place where you feel really close to the nature and yourself. We spent a couple of days there, wondering around, going through caves and hills. For New Year we were in the Crystal Cave, as you can see more here. enjoy and have a great year!!! love!

Mitene galbene

Handmade fingerless gloves, perfect for cheering up your day! WE found an old funky scooter@ Buffet 35 and had some fun with Mada, Horia and the gloves:)  Today, the yellow ones:)

model: Madalina Pavel mitene La Obiect photo: Hria

Mitene galbene crosetate manual din lanica colorata. Intr-un colt frumos din Bucuresti, am gasit scuterul acesta simpatic si ne-am imaginat calatorii pe mal de apa, soare si frumos. Mitenele sunt atat pentru domnizte cat si pentru domni stimabili, cu sau fara scuter:) ba chiar, daca stau bine sa ma gandesc, sunt perfecte pentu domnite si domni pe biciclete!

Knitted Hood

it’s winter time and the living’s easy:) I’ve started doing this wool knitted hoods that are great for cold winter days and nights. I took them on a travel in Romania in a beautiful wild place. thanks Ana Maria Radu for the pictures:)