ONG Fest Civic Break Cluj

La inceputul lunii iulie, a avut loc la Cluj: Ong Fest Civic Break, un eveniment dedicat Ong urilor din Cluj. Desfasurat pe 1 iulie, evenimentul a adus intre zidurile cetatii o serie de oameni si activitati, pe care noi am incercam sa le legam printr-un fir de ata simbolic. 

Am creat astfel un traseu subtil printre cauze ale Ong urilor si activitatile acestora.

“Anul acesta am acceptat provocarea de a organiza la Cluj ONGFest, în parteneriat cu Fundatia pentru Dezvoltarea Societatii Civile. A fost o atmosferă foarte plăcută, timp de o zi, pe strada Potaissa, lângă zidul cetății. O mulțime de oameni zâmbitori, o sumedenie de activități plăcute. Aveți aici un album cu momente surprinse de peste zi. (Mulțumim mult Mihai Biris pentru fotografii) Mulțumim colegilor din echipele Civitas și FDSC, dar și Ioana Trantea, Razvan Simion, Cosmin Ghenescu, Lupu Lucian, Andi Daiszler, Laura Panait, Cipria Nul, Bogdan Hudusan, Andrei Crișan, Bogdan Cristea, Laura Alicu și tuturor celor care ne-ați ascultat, ne-ați sfătuit, ne-ați sprijinit, ne-ați fost alături și ne-ați ajutat să dăm culoare zilei de 1 iulie. Mulțumiri și Kaufland Romania, Radio ZU, Primaria Cluj-Napoca, Casa de Cultura Cluj Napoca, H33, EMA, Uber, Clujul Cultural, Straight From The Bottle, Garage Musik Band. Pe curândl!”

Multumim echipei de implementare din Cluj: Good Guys Events cat si colegei Raluca Pascu pentru idei si good vibe!


Waha Lounge @ street delivery 2016

I’ve been taking long breaks from this blog. I want to write more, maybe on daily basis, but I need exercise and clarity. So wish me luck, I hope it will happen at least weekly in the beginning.

So remembering summer…another yearly project that I love and enjoy making. It’s the Waha Lounge @ Street delivery festival. Street Delivery is an urban festival in Bucharest, one that draws attention to the public life of the city, trying to make the people come together and use the streets for learning, playing, creating small communities. The community feeling is quite lost in the big cities, and in Bucharest is getting lost also. So this festival is making something concrete. It closes one street in the center of the city, for cars, and opens it for people and their activities.

Everybody wants to be there. In the first years, cause I’ve been participating since it started, it was more money oriented, but in the last years something changed and the whole gathering took a nice artsy turn.

My friends that are making the Waha festival, one lovely festival in the Romanian mountains, wanted to be present again this year with a forestry lounge, to let people know about the location and line up of the festival. The challenge is to cover more than 200 square meters in only a couple of hours, as the  street starts closing only that morning.

And of course, trying to use the old walls and fences and everything there is around. After we finished, we met a really nice Norwegian writer, by accident, and also by accident he told us he came to Romania especially to go to Waha Festival. So good energies attract good people. It was a nice preview for the summer festival, where we ended up in July, but that is another story.

love&light&easy living


Agora InCotroceni

AGORA INCOTROCENI a insemnat activarea comunitatii locale printr-un eveniment public, desfasurat intr-o intersectie, pana atunci plina de masini parcate si cam atat.

Impreuna cu UNNU am realizat mobilierul urban care a imbracat pentru o zi intersectia, transformand-o intr-o piata urbana in adevaratul sens al cuvantului.

Ziua a fost plina de activitati si ateliere dedicate copiilor cat si ateliere participative in care s-au luat decizii legate de cartier, totul fiind coordonat de tinerii inimosi din Incotroceni.

InCotroceni  inseamna o mana de oameni care si-au propus  sa faca din Cotroceni un spatiu mai bun de locuit, un cartier mai primitor si mai armonios. Din cate am vazut pe 2 iulie, sunt pe drumul cel bun si eu una sunt fericita ca am putut ajuta! 

Shadow @ Coresi Mall Brasov

This spring  Brasov called us again, for a nice project @ the newest mall in the city, Coresi Mall. The architect, Iulian Calen designed a green area with a bicycle parking place and a skate park, and a wood structure, that we had to colour and construct our shadow on.

When we started there were no people coming to sit on the grass, but, as we built our shadow and layers, people started coming and relaxing there, looking at the mountains and having lunch.

We are not fans of shopping resorts, in general,  but we do like this spot in the city, a free green spot with a twist. And it’s nice to see that a Mall tries to give something back to the city.

And we’ll be back in august for Bohemian Square, the urban culture festival taking place in the center of the city!

Thanks to our brave helpers from Alpine Zone and collaborators from Alpinisha!

The magic team:

Ioana Trantea: witch

Cristo: shaman

Razvan, Ionut :  elves