Buffet 35 ~ interior design

There’s a new place in town called Buffet 35. It just opened in a nice and central area of Bucharest. It’s a very old house, from 1900 breathing history. So when asked to make a design intervention, I wanted to keep it nice and simple, not buried in a lot of useless objects.

This way we could focus on the light and we created special wall lamps for every room. We also found old wood furniture that we transformed and a beautiful stove that was a real inspiration, as it had many traditional motives that could be used. There is also an old bathtub that is going to be a very interesting couch, but didn’t get to finish it before the opening:)) Anyway…these are some pictures from the opening evening. Thanks to all the artists that helped me bring to life all this beautiful objects!

If in town, don’t miss out the food here. It’s quite good! All the pictures are made by Radu Spiridon, thanks a lot for that!!!

Recycled light


tradition & skate light

tradition & skate light










My friends @ Bewise Collective Movement helped me with some beautiful objects for a place I am arranging in Bucharest. I love the reuse of old and broken skateboard decks in design, I also use them in jewelry and now we started this series of objects, all handmade, from skateboard decks.

More pictures and details soon!

design & execution:¬† Bewise Collective Movement team for La Obiectūüôā

ps. the beautiful painting is a Cristina Frentiu Socolescu piece and thanks Radu Spiridon for the picture!



Light nest

I’m working on some light nests, really organic and simple.

Metal lamps ~ Balance ~

Handmade metal lamps, by Sebastian Diamandi @ La Hala-United Wheelers

Metal and stone ~ balance ~ I’ll make some pictures of them with the lights on:)

the Snake Lamp

Crochet snake Lamps ~ an elfish look for a dreamy home~

Work in progress ~ deco pentru Subsonic Festival

Saptamana trecuta am primit o provocare de la prietenii de la Buburuze, aka Madalina Pavel. Provocarea era de a transforma o padure, frumoasa de altfel, intr-un loc magic numai bun sa gazduiasca un festival de cultura bas. Primul de gen, din Romania.

Am niste poze cu work in progess, restul pozelor, mai artistice, mai de festival, saptamanile urmatoare.

Enjoy  the summer!!!

the CUBE lamp

The Cube Lamp, un proiect de Aliona Danilescu, pentru Secret City @ Fabrica.

Poze de la work in progress si de la Secret City cu serpi si oameni frumosi,  de Aliona si Ioana Parlog aka MIss I:)

Lampile BEC cu sfoara si hartie

Aliona a facut lampile BEC cu sfoara si hartie,  special pentru casa lui Andrei cu grinzi de lemn si stalpi imbracati in sfoara.

Design & foto: Aliona Danilescu