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My friends @ Bewise Collective Movement helped me with some beautiful objects for a place I am arranging in Bucharest. I love the reuse of old and broken skateboard decks in design, I also use them in jewelry and now we started this series of objects, all handmade, from skateboard decks.

More pictures and details soon!

design & execution:  Bewise Collective Movement team for La Obiect🙂

ps. the beautiful painting is a Cristina Frentiu Socolescu piece and thanks Radu Spiridon for the picture!



Electric Castle 2013

Just came back from Electric Castle, a beautiful festival in the heart of Transylvania. We helped MinorSwing  create a nice workshop  and handmade area.  The place was also perfect  for a Bewise workshop!

From what was left from the skateboards, we made jewelry and guitar feathers:) More pictures to come. These pictures are from the festival’s facebook page and from friends.  Thanks @electric castle and all the people who passed by!

BeWise and LaObiect go electric @Electric castle

So we are leaving for a nice festival in Transylvania, where the beWise boys will have fun reshaping some good old skateboards, and I’ll play with what’s left and make jewelry and maybe some guitar feathers. If in Romania, must come!

BEWISE collective movement programme @  Electric Castle Festival.
In cadrul acestui program vom face demonstratii de “reshaping”, adica vom remodela placi vechi, ciobite, de skateboard, pentru a fi transformate in “cruiser boards” . Vom fi dublati de La Obiect, unde Ioana Trantea va transforma resturile acestora in bijuterii, accesorii si alte obiecte interesante.

Puteti deasemenea sa veniti cu propiile placi de skateboard folosite, fie spre a le dona miscarii, fie pentru a le transforma in cruiser boards la fata locului. Va puteti alege orice forma de cruiser sau skate oldschool, si noi va vom remodela vechea placa*.

Vom expune toate cruiserele “speciale” la care am lucrat pana acum si vom povesti despre procestul de creatie, tehnicile utilizate, istoria skateboardurilor ce au fost folosite cat si despre filosofia din spatele programului nostru de miscare colectiva.’

Skate Wear

The Skate Wear is a series of jewelry made out of broken skateboards and silver. My friends are wearing them already! Love you people!!!

Bewise Collective Movement!!!

Skate it, Break it, Wear it!