HangOut Fest 2017

2017-08-10 17.01.25-1Vara a continuat cu Festivalul de origine alternativa Hang Out Fest, in Navodari, Mamaia Nord. Organizatorii ne-au invitat sa personalizam zona de plaja unde urma sa aiba loc festivalul si sa “imbracam” putin scena, in acelasi spirit.

Am creat astfel doua structuri colorate pentru umbra, am delimitat plaja vizual colorand o serie de baldachine si am creat mici accente pe scena, vantul puternic nedandu-ne voie sa incarcam prea mult. De asemenea atelierele de creatie si punctele de interes au fost marcate cu signalistica specifica. Multumim de invitatie Asociatiei Eurocult si speram ca festivalul va continua si in anii urmatori, muzicii standu-i foarte bine libera si la mare:)

“Hang Out Fest este primul eveniment de origine alternativă de pe litoral, s-a desfăşurat pe plajă, în Mamaia Nord, în perioada 11 – 13 august 2017, astfel pe scena au fost: Moonlight BreakfastRobin and the BackstabbersThe Mono JacksLes Elephants Bizarres , Sâmbătă, 12 august 2017, ateliere de creaţie ale artiştilor tineri şi nonconformişti ai acestei generaţii – tattoo şi tattoo cu hena, mandale, manga şi character design, iar seara: Vița de VieOmul cu sobolaniMr.jurjakThe Amsterdams; Duminică, 13 august 2017: ROAbyronTRAVKA şi Toulouse Lautrec .”

Festivalul este organizat de Asociaţia Eurocult, cu sprijinul Consiliul Judeţean Constanţa.

Natura Fest 2017

It’s almost summer so we start with a shadow structure for Natura Fest 2017. Parcul Izvor//Bucharest//26 may-28may. If in Bucharest, come enjoy!

Team: Ioana, Cristi, Florin, Buze, Vidi, Tibi.

Waha Lounge @ street delivery 2016

I’ve been taking long breaks from this blog. I want to write more, maybe on daily basis, but I need exercise and clarity. So wish me luck, I hope it will happen at least weekly in the beginning.

So remembering summer…another yearly project that I love and enjoy making. It’s the Waha Lounge @ Street delivery festival. Street Delivery is an urban festival in Bucharest, one that draws attention to the public life of the city, trying to make the people come together and use the streets for learning, playing, creating small communities. The community feeling is quite lost in the big cities, and in Bucharest is getting lost also. So this festival is making something concrete. It closes one street in the center of the city, for cars, and opens it for people and their activities.

Everybody wants to be there. In the first years, cause I’ve been participating since it started, it was more money oriented, but in the last years something changed and the whole gathering took a nice artsy turn.

My friends that are making the Waha festival, one lovely festival in the Romanian mountains, wanted to be present again this year with a forestry lounge, to let people know about the location and line up of the festival. The challenge is to cover more than 200 square meters in only a couple of hours, as the  street starts closing only that morning.

And of course, trying to use the old walls and fences and everything there is around. After we finished, we met a really nice Norwegian writer, by accident, and also by accident he told us he came to Romania especially to go to Waha Festival. So good energies attract good people. It was a nice preview for the summer festival, where we ended up in July, but that is another story.

love&light&easy living


Winter Time is Happy Time!

In Bucharest winter came in quite early, so I closed myself in the studio and started working on some inspirational objects. The first one is the Christmas Tree. All made of recycled wood, forever green and with lovely lights and angels, it’s like a sensitive touch for the holiday season.

Then I remembered I had some indian stones very well kept in a a jewellery box: a very beautiful lapis lazuli, a moonstone and some interesting stone without a name:), so I made pendants out of them; not too much silver wire is used cause I wanna keep the stone important, the wire is just a net holding the energy inside.
And then, because we haven’t seen the Sun here in almost a month, I made myself one happy sunny pillow! It’s a meditation pillow, a lazy sunny Oasis in the grey city:)
Love and light!

Dracula Film Festival

Every project is special to us, but when it came to a Horror and Fantasy Festival held in our beloved Brasov, when eight international shorts and seven Romanian shorts ran together, when a new version on Dracula’s story was launched, when all these happen, things seem to be even more interesting.

As you probably figured out, we’ve been to Brasov for the second edition of Dracula Film: Horror and Fantasy Festival and we completed the fantasy atmosphere with a few scenic accents and details. Therefore we formed an army of bats and spiders with their webs and we conquered the Dramatical Theatre (Sica Alexandrescu) where the grand opening of the festival took place.
We loved everything: the atmosphere, the people and enjoyed Gary Shore’s first feature movie, Dracula Untold, very inspiring for our little bottles with semi-dry Dracula’s blood.

On this occasion we want to give our special thanks to the organizers, to the sponsors and to all the team of volunteers that made everything possible.
Also many thanks to our special collaborator from Brasov: Horea.

Till next time, enjoy some pictures!

holiday season

As  in every winter I’ve left for a small trip around Romania. This time we found a beautiful place in the north west, near Oradea. It’s a nice small project, the traditional house, a place where you feel really close to the nature and yourself. We spent a couple of days there, wondering around, going through caves and hills. For New Year we were in the Crystal Cave, as you can see more here. enjoy and have a great year!!! love!

Seaside travel

Cause the summer is almost here, I took a small holiday from the city. Went to the seaside, a wild place in Romania.

Got my inspiration working with yhe nature, so will make something new quite soon.

Enjoy the summer, the peace and the love inside!!!


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The holidays are over, so back to work with new good vibes and ideas!!!

Been travelling in Romania, from Apuseni to Maramures with good friends. Come visit!