The Pillow Snakes

Sherpii sunt niste perne lunguiete, indraznete si foarte vesele!

Umpluti cu perle de polistiren sau vatelina, ei sunt buni de dormit, de lenevit, de tolanit impreuna cu prietenii, ce sa mai…buni la toate!

Sherpii pot fi brodati, pictati, sau personalizati prin diferite metode.

Intre timp am descoperit ca sunt foarte buni pentru gravidutze si apoi pentru mamici ca perne de alaptat:)

Daca dormi cu unul, iti trec durerile de spate si nici nu te mai simti asa singur:)

Scrie-mi un mail la

If you like our things and want something, please write me:

We’ll meet, talk, choose the materials and think of some dimensions adapted to your living space.

The pillows have different sizes and colours.

The little ones are good for holding when you sleep, and the big ones better for chilling 🙂

We can also paint them or sew words and other special things on them.

Write us!!!

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