Green cat pouf

Meet Sonia’s green cat pouf. She is learning to climb and walk with the help of the mighty cat!


BumBag by Ramona Manea

Ramona Manea is a young romanian designer and a friend, who started her BumBag series, couple of years ago. I have my own bumBag and I carry it to festivals, islands, forests and any other place I travel about.  What I love about it is the way that huge amount of things that I ‘need’ fits inside it :)) it’s easy to wear and looks great!!! + @the festivals, you still have your hands free to make waves or dance:)

Get one, you’ll love it!

More here and here and most definitely here. The pics are from her fb page and friends. Thanks!

Recycled light


tradition & skate light

tradition & skate light










My friends @ Bewise Collective Movement helped me with some beautiful objects for a place I am arranging in Bucharest. I love the reuse of old and broken skateboard decks in design, I also use them in jewelry and now we started this series of objects, all handmade, from skateboard decks.

More pictures and details soon!

design & execution:  Bewise Collective Movement team for La Obiect🙂

ps. the beautiful painting is a Cristina Frentiu Socolescu piece and thanks Radu Spiridon for the picture!