Green cat pouf

Meet Sonia’s green cat pouf. She is learning to climb and walk with the help of the mighty cat!


Winter Time is Happy Time!

In Bucharest winter came in quite early, so I closed myself in the studio and started working on some inspirational objects. The first one is the Christmas Tree. All made of recycled wood, forever green and with lovely lights and angels, it’s like a sensitive touch for the holiday season.

Then I remembered I had some indian stones very well kept in a a jewellery box: a very beautiful lapis lazuli, a moonstone and some interesting stone without a name:), so I made pendants out of them; not too much silver wire is used cause I wanna keep the stone important, the wire is just a net holding the energy inside.
And then, because we haven’t seen the Sun here in almost a month, I made myself one happy sunny pillow! It’s a meditation pillow, a lazy sunny Oasis in the grey city:)
Love and light!

Bohemian Square ~ august in Brasov ~

When the girls from Asociatia Bohemian told us they would like to organise the second edition of Festivalul de cultura urbana Bohemian Square, wanting it to be bigger and with new sections we thought it could be a challenge for us and we didn’t hesitate to integrate this nice project among our summer challenges.

We chose one of the squares from the middle of Brasov’s old center as our playground and after a few months of creating and innovating , there’s the beautiful project: We’ve created an urban route, linking two important points of the city Piata Sfatului and Piata Enescu through a series of interventions designed to transform some urban spaces rarely used in public spaces with socio-cultural value.

Old City, New architecture – tensile design, defining the market, creating an intimate space, a living market, not just a headroom. We upholstered the pavement with grass and created The Bohemian Lounge with pieces of furniture made of reused pallets and with the famous La Obiect poufs.

The comfy spot invited people to stop by the outdoor library opened during the festival. For three days there was music, theatre and lots of workshops taking place on the streets of Brasov. It was just PERFECT!

We would like to thank to Gazonul, Mobilier din paletiHumanitas libraries and Okian for the involvement and full support! Also thank you Alpinisha team for giving us your invaluable aid in the achievement of all items!

Many special thanks to Asociatia Bohemian for inviting us and making us part of their wonderful story!

Last, but not least a big Thanks to the volunteers for their involvement!

 You can find more pictures here (foto by Robert Cadar) and here (foto by Andrei Paul) and of course on our facebook page!


La Obiect Team: Ioana Trantea – The Originator

Madalina Sarbu – The Elevator

Ana Maria Radu – The Innovator

Our beloved wizards : George Tocanie from Alpinisha and Costin Vidan

Our teleportation responsible: Radu Ciolpan

Dots and giraffes

girafa girafa-2We started with a small silver giraffe and it seems they are getting bigger and bigger. The last one is a dotted one; she became a star in a commercial. She is tall, funny and very soft:)

the newlyweds pouf

Another beautiful pouf from Ana Maria Radu. A beautiful gift for her newlyweds friends. It’s made from natural materials and a great love story that meanwhile welcomed a baby:)

march @ the museum

This weekend I went to the best spring fair in Bucharest. It’s organized by the Peasant Museum in Bucharest, and creators from all over Romania come and show their work. I met a lot of friends who make wonderful things. The three Ana Maria s from Picturici, Delicate and Zoolunatici, Madalina from Buburuze and Silviu Fologea  who makes the best toys ever!

Thanks for passing by, buying and appreciating our  work.  We still have some brooches left, so if you want one, just drop a line.

Have a wonderful spring!!!

Targul de Martisor ~brose obiect cu poveste

“De la firul răsucit, alb și roșu, la mărțișorul virtual…

Mărțișor, Mărțișug sau Marț era consemnat de Simion Florea Marian, unul din etnologii importanți ai începutului de secol XX, ca obicei de 1 martie, prezent nu numai la români, dar și la bulgarii și albanezii din Balcani – obicei pe care țăranii îl repetau în fiecare început de primăvară ca semn protector împotriva bolilor și a nenorocului. Copiilor li se lega o monedă de argint la mână cu un fir răsucit de lână sau de bumbac alb și roșu, ca să fie feriți de boală, pe care aceștia îl legau, după 12 zile, în pom, ca să fie pomul roditor, iar vitelor li se agăța același fir roșu cu alb, ca să fie sănătoase și, la fel, bune de rod. Preluat de lumea urbană și devenit modă, firul de bumbac, uneori fir de argint sau de aur, este purtat drept colier și podoabă, ținut la piept, primit ca suvenir și, mai nou, cadou.
Povestea mărțișorului supraviețuiește, în diferite forme, până în contemporaneitate: de la firul simplu răsucit în alb și roșu, până la mărțișorul virtual.”

Va asteptam la targ incepand de astazi, 27 februarie si pana pe 2 martie, la Muzeul Taranului Roman (curtea interioara). Am lucrat impreuna cu Ana Maria Radu, cea care semneaza ilustratiile, o serie de ‘martisoare obiect’ printr-o suprapunere de layere si texturi, cat si tehnici diferite. De la impunsatura de ac, la tusele de culoare, totul este lucrat manual si cu mult drag. Daca nu ne veti vizita, speram ca macar imaginile sa va bucure.

Primavara frumoasa si linistita! Ioana si Ana.

pop up shop & xmas cat

Our silver cat, with a new funky face, gone for a photo shoot  with Hria. Took some friends along the reindeer and the Xmas tree we did specially for her:) And some pictures from a pop up shop I did before Christmas. I chose a nice place to drink a coffee and just arranged a shop for a couple of hours. Thanks for passing by!

a walk in the forest

A walk in the forest and cute drawing by Ana.


Animal Colony


The animal colony is growing, preparing for winter hibernation on your hands @ your ears .

work in progress by Ana Maria Radu & Ioana Trantea

new home!@

Puful ‘acasa’ a fost un cadou perfect pentru o familie tanara si frumoasa:)

Casuta are atat husa interioara cat si exterioara, ambele prevazute cu fermoar, pentru a le putea spala si / sau reumple. In casuta sunt mii de perle de polistiren. Pisica e intotdeauna la fereastra:)


The ‘home’ pouf was a present for a young family.

Made out of nice natural materials, the cat always smiles from the open window. Hope you enjoy it!

made by Ana Maria Radu

happy people with happy jewelry

The Smile You Gave Me

Handmade silver cat ~ wearing the smile you gave me ~ necklace

Winter Socks

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Christmas presents!


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Silver angels,  handmade for a special winter and for protection.