Natura Fest 2017

It’s almost summer so we start¬†with a shadow structure for Natura Fest¬†2017. Parcul Izvor//Bucharest//26 may-28may. If in Bucharest, come enjoy!

Team: Ioana, Cristi, Florin, Buze, Vidi, Tibi.

Winter Time is Happy Time!

In Bucharest winter came in quite early, so I closed myself in the studio and started working on some inspirational objects. The first one is the Christmas Tree. All made of recycled wood, forever green and with lovely lights and angels, it’s like a sensitive touch for the holiday season.

Then I remembered I had some indian stones very well kept in a a jewellery box: a very beautiful lapis lazuli, a moonstone and some interesting stone without a name:), so I made pendants out of them; not too much silver wire is used cause I wanna keep the stone important, the wire is just a net holding the energy inside.
And then, because we haven’t seen the Sun here in almost a month, I made myself one happy sunny pillow! It’s a meditation pillow, a lazy sunny Oasis in the grey city:)
Love and light!

Dots and giraffes

girafa girafa-2We started with a small silver giraffe and it seems they are getting bigger and bigger. The last one is a dotted one; she became a star in a commercial. She is tall, funny and very soft:)

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins brings you joy:) Handmade silver work. Tripping through the sky with birds, moon and fluffy clouds:)

Mersi Vlad Basca pentru poze!


Martie vine cu o pata de culoare, cu argint rasucit, batut, invartit si cu o colectie noua Buzz Art, de vineri la Muzeul Taranului Roman.

Sper sa va placa!


Colectia de pasari e gata! Gata de zburat, de agatat, de privit, de iubit!

Zboara frumos in stoluri, atat ziua cat si noaptea!

Numai bune de atarnat in pomul de Craciun!