AIRFIELD festival Sibiu – it’s a must!

We continue our summer adventure with the fairest of them all. Airfield Festival Sibiu, a brand new festival located in Sibiu, with good underground music, airplanes and lots of love was a challenge for La Obiect.

What started as a design concept for the chill area, became a real stage of the festival and we do believe that next year we’ll make it even bigger and more interactive for the lovely public. So put it in your schedule: next year , beginning of August, we’ll learn how to fly again at Airfield.

On this occasion we want to send our special thanks to the organisers for making everything happen. It was a great pleasure working with the volunteers from Sibiu…we had lots of fun!

Airfield is about good music, great scenery, Sibiu and surroundings, airplanes and parachutes, people and great vibe.


Some pictures are taken from the official page of the festival. Photo credits: Sebastian Marcovici , Dragos Dumitru, Silvana Arvat,




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